Design Your Pen Step 4: Pick Your Shape

The fourth and last step in designing your own Artisan wood pen or pencil is to choose what shape you would like. This is the step that is really limited only by your imagination. The two aspects to consider are appearance, of course, and also comfort. Personally, I like a pen that is wider at the tip where my fingertips hold it, and narrowed back where my first knuckle touches the pen. For this effect, any of the concave designs will do. If you hold the pen closer to the tip so that your fingers are partially on the tapered metal tip, you would probably be happier with the straight or convex forms. For rollerball or fountain pens, the concave forms make little sense since you likely will grip the pen on the black plastic part of the tip that the cap covers, so straight or convex is recommended.

In addition to overall shape, details can be added - small beads or notches can be used to great effect. Not just for looks, multiple notches near the tip can form a grip surface.

When you're done, you will have designed a pen that is totally unique and personal. Email me to tell me the results of the four steps of your design: Style, Finish, Wood, and Shape, and I'll send you the invoice for materials so I can start your pen. Thanks for taking the time to design your hand-turned Artisan wood pen or pencil.

Straight Profile:This is the classic look for slimline wood pens. Sleek and professional, you can't go wrong with this one.

Straight Profile With Grip:
A grip like this can be put on any of the pen shapes, but looks particulary good on the straight pen.

Convex Profile: The convex profile can be made just slightly convex or drastically so or anywhere in between, limited only by the pen clip. A friend says it looks like a voluptuous woman, so there you go - sex appeal in my pen design...

Concave Profile, Sharp Edges: The concave profile works best for me where I grip the pen just behind the metal tip. The sharp edges give it a clean crisp professional feel. This is my favorite pen shape.

Concave Profile, Rounded Edges: The rounded edges soften the look of the concave profile to make it feel a little more friendly. As with all the concave profile pens, it's recommended for those who grip away from the tip of the pen.

Double-Concave Profile, Sharp Edges: At first glance this looks like an unfriendly pen to hold. However, it is quite comfortable - you grip it on the front half of the pen with your knuckle in the recess, and then the back half of the pen, where it's recessed, rests against the soft flesh between your index finger and your thumb.

Double-Concave Profile, Rounded Edges: This profile is second only to my concave with sharp edges profile, in my opinion - I think it's awesome, and it gives the look of a pen that had personal attention by the craftsman. Held like the double-concave with sharp edges, it's quite comfortable and attractive.
Tapered Profile, Rounded Edges: This profile is a recent inspiration - though I give full credit for the idea to the piece of wood whose grain I wanted to highlight. Tapered toward both ends, thicker in the middle, and rounded at the center band.

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