Design Your Pen Step 1: Choose Your Style

How to use this guide: click on the links to see examples of that particular feature, and then go back to the guide to proceed to the next step. Write down your choices as you go so you can email me in the end what you came up with. Thanks!

The Artisan brand pen and pencil kits are slightly pricier than the typical kits of the same kind of pen, and for good reason - the durability and quality is well worth the cost. If you don't find something you like, check Craft Supplies USA for other types of pen or pencil kits and I can give you an estimate.

Slimline Pen or Pencil (+5)
The slimline pen is an elegant pen with a twist mechanism. The pencil is a 0.5 mm mechanical pencil. The ball of the twist pen is a tungsten-carbide tip for smooth, comfortable writing, and the balance of both the pen and the pencil is unbeaten by any other pen or pencil out there.

Beaded Slimline Pen (+7.5) or Pencil (+10)
The beaded slimline pen and pencil differs from the standard slimline pen and pencil by having two beads on the center band, tip, and cap, giving a fancier appearance.

European Pen (+5) or Pencil (+15)
This is available as a twist pen or 0.7 mm mechanical pencil. The wider top looks like a cap, adding European elegance to the pen or pencil.

Rollerball Pen (+10)
The rollerball pen is both thicker and longer than the slimline pen, and includes a cap rather than a twist mechanism. A spring is used internally to keep the ideal writing pressure on the tip, which has a ceramic rollerball for durability and smooth writing.

Fountain Pen (+15)
The fountain pen is similar to the rollerball pen in appearance, but instead of a rollerball refill, it includes a medium point quality German-made nib with genuine iridium tip and ink cartridge refill .

Jr. Gentlemen Pen (+25) or Pencil (+$30)
The Jr. Gentlemen pen is a ballpoint pen with dual-direction twist that is silky smooth. A premium pen kit, thick, masculine and yet elegant, and has a hefty, sturdy feel when writing. The pencil uses 0.7mm lead and also has a twist mechanism.

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